Not in the Script By Amy Finnegan

I received Not in the Script from Netgalley for an honest review.

My Rating:4Stars

“Miss Weston, You’ve got that uppity curve to your lips again when you look her over , as though you’re smelling something foul.”

Brett removes his shoe and sticks it under Kimmi’s nose “This Maybe?”

I loved the friendly banter (and well sometimes down right mean) banter between the characters. I really liked the main character Emma but I thought she needed to let go and care less about what the paparazzi thought of her. I understood her reasons but I didn’t blame Jake for being frustrated when she wanted everything to be a huge secret and was constantly acting like she was doing him a huge favor by going on a date with him. Jake was probably my favorite character because he was the most mature. I though people gave Brett a hard time and overall he seemed like a great guy. I didn’t think he was a jerk for trying to kiss Emma when she was talking to Jake because he was going off of what her friend Rachel said that he liked her. Kimmi could be a major wench but she showed a softer side every once and a while. I love Jake and Emma as a couple and overall thought this was a really good book.

not in the script


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