Our Time by Jessica Wilde

our time

My Rating:5 Stars

I received Our time for an honest review from Good Reads First to read.Our Time is a great love story. Jocelyn and Andrew had a great relationship and I loved the fact that Andrew was so sweet and loving to Olivia , Jocelyn’s daughter.Jocelyn had a difficult past she had to overcome and then Jocelyn is diagnosed with cancer just as things were starting to turn around for her. Andrew and her dear pup Monty are there for here to help her through her illness and look over Olivia.

“You own me, Jocelyn. You have had the claim on my heart since the first moment I saw you.” After a long second he grinned, “You may have to share that claim with Olivia because she has it,
too.” He kissed me soft and slow, then pressed his forehead to mine. “You are my best friend, but I want you to be more.” He pulled away and looked deep into my eyes and my breath caught at
the sincerity I saw in his. “I need you to be more, because… I-I don’t think I can handle another minute of not being able to touch you the way I want to touch you. And I know that I
can’t handle you thinking that what I do is none of your business.”

Jessica Wilde, Our Time


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