January Bride by Deborah Raney

I recieved an arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

January Bride

My Rating:3 Stars

I liked the overall feel of the book although it was too slow paced at times. Madeline moves into her sisters home as it’s being renovated before sale because it’s close to her alzheimer’s mother and her sister is letting her stay there for free and write her latest novel.Madeline soon finds it’s harder then she expected to write with all the construction noise and starts using a local bed and breakfast as her office per a favor of her new elderly friend Ginny. She corresponds with the gentleman that owns the inn through notes and helps to tidy up since he lets her have an office there for free. A friendship is soon born and both Madeline and Arthur the inn owner are surprised when they finally m eet and fall for each other and find out neither is as old as perceived and fall for each other. Arthur is still struggling with the death of his wife Annabeth from cancer three years ago and everything is wishy washy in the beginning although I know he was trying to protect both of them from being hurt. I did feel like the wedding was a bit rushed at the end but overall a very sweet romance.


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