Stone Faced Angel by Marie Mckean


I recieved an arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:5 Stars

Brandon has always found comfort in talking to the stone faced angel at the cemetery After a car accident that kills his girlfriend that he just broke up with , Brandon finds solace in talking to his angel and wishing that she was alive to speak to him. Maura Davis wakes up in the cemetery soon after with only a thin robe on and no memory of who she is and how she ended up in the cemetery. Maura is soon taken in by a sweet elderly woman. Maura and Brandon cross paths and after falling for each other begin to realize there may be more of a connection .. I really liked the romance between the two. I loved this so much and felt a connection to both Maura and Brandon. I did feel that Maura was too hard on Brandon in the beginning when he was concern about whether she was trying to take advantage of his grandmother but they quickly made up and I loved them as a couple after that. The ending was so sad but I’m glad Maura’s angel was always there watching over her. Brandon was always drawn to Maura even in death and I feel that no matter what they will find a way to be together.


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