The Bone Bearer book three in Telesa trilogy by Lani Wendt Young


My Rating:4 Stars

” I am Daniel Tahi I have your name tattooed on my heart and you don’t even remember who i am”.

..I loved being able to read the back story of pele and find out more about the modern day keawe and their protectors the olohe. “You will soar with wings my child and touch the heavens and hold the star bringer in your hands never forget you are drauki and i love you” I loved the character of Tahei and found the powers of the drauki very interesting.” “I was pele the daughter of Noalani the coventant keeper.I was broken . And now I am whole. I am Leila the daughter of Leila the covenant keeper.I was lost. And now I am found.I am Pele. I am Leila. I am Beloved”

Pele, daughter of a covenant keeper was given away by her mother because of her lack of telesa powers. Pele went to great extremes to gain power and it caused her to go mad killing loved ones with no remorse. Leila is still in the hospital with daniel after the ending of When Water Burns and is struggling to keep Pele at bay. A great ending to a wonderful series.



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