When Water Burns book two in Telesa trilogy by Lani Wendt Young

When Water Burns

My rating:5 stars

“Yes, I’m Daniel Tahi.” I know what your lips taste like.I know you roll your eyes when you think someone is an idiot. I know that you wish you were six inches shorter because you hate being taller than most of the boys you’ve ever met. Your name is tattooed across my chest and written on my heart.You are a fire daughter of earth, fanua afi and I am vasa loloa,son of the ocean. I am yours…And you can’t even remember who I am.”
Lani Wendt Young, When Water Burns

“His fingers painted my skin with ruby red patterns of desire. In Keahi’s kiss I could taste the red burn of chili encrusted in the rich sweetness of melted chocolate. I breathed in his scent and it spoke to me of vanilla. The ink of my malu tattoo began to burn, searing markings of fiery joy.”
Lani Wendt Young, When Water Burns

If you haven’t read The covenant Keeper then Leila goes to Samoa to visit her mothers family that she knows little about and ends up staying and going to school there. While in Samoa Leila starts having weird overbearing night sweats and soon learns that she has the power of Pele to control fire and volcano’s . Leila is shocked to find out that the mother she thought was long dead is in fact still alive and goes to live with her mother. The story takes a twist when Leila finds out her mother is the leader of a covenant of Telesa’s or witches with great powers that worship the earth and don’t believe in sharing their secrets with men. The Telesa all of powers of earth and it’s wierd that men have powers but It’s found out that daniel is a telesa and has the power of the ocean which puts his life at risk. The covenant wants to murder him and prevent him from interfering with their powers  with I thought Keahi made a great new character. There was more action then in the first book The Covenant Keeper and I love the relationship between Daniel and Leila.


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