Breakwater Bay by Shelley Noble


I received an arc from Goodreads First to read for an honest review.

my rating:4 stars

When Meri’s mother passes away she leaves behind a letter and diary describing the unusual circumstances of her birth. Meri is shocked to find out that her mother was a scared runaway caught out in the storm that sought comfort at the calder farm . Meri is unofficially adopted by the calder’s and is accepted as their own. Not only has Meri’s family been keeping the secret but even her best friend Alden knew. Alden was the young boy that rescued Meri’s birth mother from the rocky beach and promised to always watch over her and take good care of her.

Alden is illustrator and lives in a big ole house near the calder farm. He has always been Meri’s protector and shoulder to lean on. When Meri’s fiance goes to California for a law internship Meri begin’s to debate her feelings for Peter because deep down her heart belong’s to someone else.

I couldn’t stand Alden’s ex wife and how she went out her way to scrap up every penny he had and used their children as bait by preventing them from seeing him often. I was a little bogged down the details of the home restoration but overall I really enjoyed this book.


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