Natural Harmony by Kate Roth

natural harmony

“A walk of shame was one thing, but strolling back in to work in a rumpled version of yesterday’s pristine outfit was a low she never thought she would sink to.”

” I think the office can survive the morning without the one hit wonder. Now get that beautiful a– back in my bed.”

“Moments later, when he finally lowered himself onto her and took her strongly, she was the one making noises. He pulled each moan and sigh from her like a conductor giving her cues.”

” When did you almost kiss me? I must’ve missed that part,” she asked. The corner of his mouth lifted in a Cheshire grin and she sucked in another breath as he inched closer to her. ” Well, Ms.Walker , it would’ve been right after you let your hand find my belt buckle.”

Wade’s kiss had awakened her. He’d set fire to the girl of her past and from the ashes she’d become the woman she’d long denied herself to be.

I’m not prudish about cussing but if the constant use of the f-bomb offends you I wouldn’t read this book . Sabrina does cuss a lot throughout the book. I can’t stand Beau but at least he had one moment at the end of the book where he showed a level of maturity that was closer to his age and acted with something other than his penis. I adored Wade and think he is perfect for Sabrina. I was so frustrated when Sabrina had her wishy-washy moments. Although I realize alot of that has to do with the fact that Beau has been an romantic involvement in her life since she was 17 . What kind of man comes on to a 17 year old girl ?


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