Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott


I have so many conflicting emotions about this book. The main character is just off the wall . Not only is her parents dealing with the fact that their nineteen year old son is dyeing but then they have her running away with no details known to them to participate in a crazy contest called the brimstone bleed. The brimstone bleed is a survival contest that takes place in all the eco systems with the winner receiving a cure for a family member who is dying of a incurable disease. I had so many questions about how the makers of the Brimstone Bleed even knew about the sick patients, how  the race came about but Guy  thankfully answered a lot of those questions surrounding that towards the end.

It was The Hunger games meets Pokemon because of the the fact that there is one winner and all the crazy survival strategies that are going on while there are Pandora’s popping out of eggs and have special powers.That one pandora it must have taken a really crazy person to develop.

This was not the first Brimstone Bleed so i’m wondering how there is no one in the media that knows anything. Of course right off the bat there would be someone trying to sell their story and get rich unless they had to sign a contract which was not stated or the cure would not be provided if they ran their mouth. I’m kinda partial to the fact that the creators are gangsters and just hack everyone that doesn’t listen and throws them in the river. Which goes back to my other question of is something this big dealing with so many pharmaceuticals not known to the government unless there are more people involved.

such a strange book but interesting book and can’t wait to see what will happen in the next one.


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