The Painted Table by Suzanne Field

The painted table

My rating : 3 stars

I recieved this from first reads for an honest review. The beginning starts off with the norway table being gifted to Clara and Knute by their family after they move to american and make their living on a prairie farm. The life on the farm is described for Joanne (who will become Saffe’s mother ) and her siblings. Once life in the prairie starts to become a burden they move to a lake side resort house. Joanne loves to dance and have a good time and soon is married to a dairy man Nels. Joanne and Nels go on to have 2 children together Sapphire Eve ” Saffie” and April and in the beginning the only abnormality that can be seen in Joanne is her extreme awkwardness towards others and her being clingy towards Nels. Over the years Joanne’s condition deteriorates with recurrent nightmares about prairie fires and obsessive painting of the norway table. Saffie is given more of a spotlight in the book then her sister April and it’s described her feelings on her mother’s behavior and she turns to reading and her faith to help her through the hard times. Later on when Saffie is married she reluctantly takes the norway table and while stripping away all the layers of paint uses it as a spiritual journey to lift all the negative emotions and memories there is with the norway table for her and her mother.

I enjoyed being able to look through Saffee and April’s eyes and feel what it’s like to have a mother that slips into psychosis. I loved the ending and when Saffe was describing her dream to Nels it was such a sweet moment.

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