What the lady wants : A novel of Marshall Field and the golden age


I received an arc from Eldeweiss in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 4 stars

“She Supposed she fell in love with him at the same time the rest of Chicago did. The great fire had raged for two days, and the flames didn’t discriminate. They devoured business’s ,Mansions, and Shanties in the end. Miles of streets and Buildings were savaged . But from this smoldering ash , a handful of men came forward to rebuild the city, Marshall Field was one of them.”

I loved reading about The Great Fire and how much it changed the life of Delia and all of Chicago. Marshall Field is one of the most popular merchants before The Great Fire and afterwards he is one of the first men to reopen his store and quickly expand. Thousands were left homeless and hundreds were killed but the wealthy quickly recovered and were concerned about shopping and rebuilding their new homes .

Delia and Marshall had a spark from the very beginning and over the years everyone knows that they are madly in love. Delia’s husband Arthur is a druken gay man and has no desire to make love to her. Marshall has his own problems with his manipulative wife who he can’t make happen so they seek happiness together . Arthur finds out about Marshall and Delia’s relationship but decides to look the other way because he doesn’t want to have his image damaged by a divorce.

This was a great book for historical fiction fans and I’m looking forward to seeing what Renee Rosen will come out with next.


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