End Times by Anna Schumacher

End TImes

My rating:5 stars

The beginning was slow paced and I was curious to see how Owen would play into the whole picture. Daphne’s step father tries to rape her and attack her with a knife. She is acquired of murder through self defense but her mother is still furious and calls her a liar and killer. Daphne feels drawn to Carbon county to stay with her pregnant cousin Janie and her parent’s. As soon as Daphne steps foot in Carbon County trumpets begin to play and it’s viewed as a message from god of glorious things to come.

Not long after Daphne is there she helps her uncle Floyd strike oil in his backyard. Janie’s boyfriend Doug and his parent’s get money hungry and their actions reflect their greed with no care for the child who is deemed to be the next prophet.

Soon more mysterious signs begin to happen and it’s a foretelling of the coming battle between the Children of Earth and the Children of God. I can’t wait for the next book to find out what happens.

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