The Girls of August by Anne Rivers Siddon


my rating: 3 stars

” Of all the fifteen summer houses the first one was the best. That’s what we all agreed on, for a while, anyway .. until we grew wiser, more measured in our joy. More careful with the doling out of the praise.”

“Friends don’t stop being friends, Curry said ” Just because one of you isn’t around anymore,”  she said this with the authority of a much older woman and my heart broke open in a crush of fresh love for her.”

“He went from beautiful brilliant, grown up Melinda to a child with no brains?” What is he thinking!”

” When I grow up , I said to him ” Why Sweetheart , I am grown up. Lookee here , I have the boobs to prove!”

” I climbed the porch stairs and , in my imagination,  I saw not only my foot prints on the sand-covered wooden planks, but my husbands. They were right there beside mine, step for step, heartbeat for heartbeat.”

“Yeah, poor  tail-chasing Teddy” Rachel choked doubling over. ” Here lies the third Mrs. Teddy Patterson, mauled to death by a bobcat while she wandered a desert island naked as  a jaybird, in search of a younger-tail.”

Rachel , Maddie and Barbara are the original girls of august. The group started the tradition of  spending a week long vacation together at the beach without their husbands when their men were still trying to finish up medical school. The group hasn’t seen each other in a while after Teddy’s wife Melinda was killed in a car accident.  Teddy’s new woman Baby is much younger and prettier then the rest of the group and is instantly given the cold shoulder but the group decides to have their vacation at her beach house and try to get along for old times sake. The women fight alot , act silly and come closer together through the hardships that happen during their vacation on Tiger Island.


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