Salt by Danielle Ellison


“Gran always told us not to leave home without salt in out pocket. “You never know ” she used to say while we licked batter from spoons, “When a demon will attack and you need to be prepared”

” I support your dreams, Penelope, if they are good ones” she says into my ear.”This could ruin you. Ruin our family. I don’t want you to get hurt”

” Maybe I should call you Jiminy and carry you around in my pocket forever”

“Two points to Gryffindor “(loved the harry potter reference)

I was a bit iffy in the beginning when all that was going on was studying to be an enforcer but I quickly became hooked the more Carter became a part of her life. I love Carter and Pen together<3
I also loved all the demon attack scenes and the ending was great!

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