Blind by Rachel DeWoskin


My rating : 4 stars

Blind is the story of 14 year old Emma whose life is forever changed when she is struck by a backfired firecracker and it causes her to lose her eyesight. As the book progresses Emma becomes stronger and less fearful of being able to live her life with her new disability. I  loved being a part of Emma’s journey and getting a sense of her anger and frustration  and how her other senses become to take over for her loss of sight.

I loved being able to see the world in Emma’s eyes through touch and mental stimulation. I thought Logan did a really good job of supporting Emma and being there for her after the accident. I loved the day to day craziness at Emma’s house with all the children and Leah was my favorite out of the siblings. At times I did wonder whether the situation with Claire should have been left out but by the end I felt like what happened with Claire helped Emma to see her situation in a new light and it helped give her a connection to people other then Logan at school.


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