Four Friends by Robyn Carr

four friends

My Rating: 5 stars

“But isn’t it terrific when you’re with someone who can bring out your best self? I think that’s the sign of a true friend, when they make you feel better when you’re with them than you ever had a chance of feeling without them.”
Robyn Carr, Four Friends

“She’d always had a short fuse but lately she was positively electric and could burst into flame anywhere, anytime. … When she was out of the shower, dry and cool, she had one of those reprieves that came regularly – she felt perfectly normal, sane and in control. Then came the inevitable guilt . . .”
Robyn Carr, Four Friends

Gerri , Andy and Sonja are close friends that go walking every morning at 6 am . Everything starts to unravel one morning when Gerri and Sonja go outside to start their walk and find Andy throwing her husband Bryce outside along with all his clothes while cussing him out. Gerri and Sonja are there for moral support and soon find themselves experiencing martial problems as well.

B.J. Is the newcomer that keeps to herself until one day she comes to Sonja’s rescue and soon forms a strong bond with all the women. When more is learned about B.J.’s history it’s easy to see why B.J. is so private about what goes on in her life.

I got involved in what was going on in the lives of each of the women and loved the ending.

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