The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle

my rating: 5 stars

“That was the night I learned that the things we don’t ask about – ignore, walk by – those can be the most deadly of all.”
Rebecca Serle, The Edge of Falling

“I understand, now, that your own identity, your past, has nothing to do with the way others see you. Being a hero isn’t about someone else’s definition. Not Abigail’s and not Constance’s. Not the Post’s. Not even Claire’s. Being a hero is about one thing: the way you see yourself.”
Rebecca Serle, The Edge of Falling

“I’m trying hard to remain composed. His face slackens, smooths out, and I can’t help but run my eyes over his cheeks, his ears, the freckle on his face. I think about how many times I’ve kissed that exact spot. When someone breaks up with you they should take their memories with them. It shouldn’t be possible to remember someone when they’re no longer there.”
Rebecca Serle, The Edge of Falling


“I’ve been working on my honesty this summer. I’ve told such a big lie, such a massively irreversible one, that I figure I need to somehow even the score. But the thing about lying is that it’s not so easy to stop. Lies need one another, like a school of fish. If you start to separate them, they’ll be killed off one by one. Sometimes the only way to keep lies alive is to tell more of them.”
Rebecca Serle, The Edge of Falling

Caggie grows up in the wealthy part of Manhattan and her whole world changes when her younger sister drowns while Caggie is supposed to be watching her.Grief effects everyone differently , there is no right or wrong way to grieve as long as you don’t let it over power you. Caggs is grieving the loss of a loved one , holding a huge secret tight to her heart and not as close to her friends and loved ones as she used to be. She meets Astor a mentally disturbed young man who has one foot in the grave dreaming of the past and her life takes a dangerous spiral downward. Such an amazing book and I loved the ending!

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