Desire-3 stars

Good quick romance


Circle of pearls-3 stars

I really liked the history of the book

You and only you-4 stars

Lily Anne was the popular cheerleader dating the star quarterback until randy is killed in Afghanistan . Grieving for her ex fiance lily is still alone and overweight 10 years later

Toward the sea of freedom-1 star

Michael and Kathleen grew up in nineteenth century Ireland during the potato famine. They dream of a new life and save money meanwhile Kathleen gets pregnant . Michael gets in trouble with the law and Kathleen is forced 4G marry and move to New zealand.

Comfort food-2 stars

Gustav Simpson is in her fifties has two daughters in their twenties and has a cooking show that is experiencing a ratings slum.Gustav is trying to heal from tragedy , develop better relationships and figure out what to do for rest of her life.

The summer garden-3 stars

Luke has just returned from his trip to Ireland and wants to open a Irish pub.Luke has a history degree but feels like he can make more money opening a bad then being a school teacher.his father is not behind the idea

The comeback of Roy walker-2 stars

Roy is a retired major league baseball player.He used all of his retirement money to start a business that didn’the work.Roy is trying to return to baseball in order to help pay the bills.He has to start in the minor league and have a physical therapist help get his arm back in shape.The managers daughter Lanemail Baker is the physical therapist and has beeno mad at Roy for years.Her cheating ex husband was a teammate of his and he helped expose he husband which caused them to not speak ever since.

Angels burning by Tani odell 2 stars

The book starts with the discovery of the body of murdered 16 year old Camin Truly.She is part of the dysfunctional Truly family that lives in a small Pennsylvania town.police chief Dove Carnahan has lived in the town for 50 years and is on the hunt to find out why Camin was murdered. During 5th investigation some of the demons of Dove’so past appear.A lot of twists and turns appear and overall an okay mystery book

Slow Burn by K. Bromberg-2 stars

Haddie Montgomery wants to be in a serious relationship but is struggling with her weight .she is trying to start living for today and not the ty9e of person she was when she had sex with Becks. Haddie has hearts and heels to break and has to get tbe fire out of her head in order to fall in love with Dante.