The children Anne leary 3 stars

Ann Leary's latest novel, The Children , delivers the same page ___


” you know , ita those strawberries 🍓. From the farm stand that makes it so yummy. Everett. Ita worth it yo make the extra yr ip. I always buy fresh when I can , it makes a difference. Joan said. Because it was that: Her trip to the farm standb, not my baking, explained the pie 🍰. Deliciousnrss.”


the drowning girls 4 stars

Paula Treick DeBoard - The Drowning Girls - Free eBooks Download” Well, there’s this girl 👧. Whos been following me around , harassing me. This was her revenge, because I wasn’t interested.”


the little frech guesthouse. the perfect feel good summer read helen pollard

The Little French Guesthouse by Helen Pollard _ The Reading Shed

“Emmy, its not what it looks like”
“how could you?you cheating bastard I can’t believe you….”

” what do you mea a heart attack ? Gloria shouted after after me. Why the hell dont you call an ambulance?”

” Nathan tho is ridiculous we need to talk. Em… I have always hates thebeay he called me that . Em ….I had always hated the way he called me that.”

” you dont have to use that tone of voice , em . Your not my mother”

“posh accent,probably born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Doesn’t look like the type who’s ever had to work for living”

4 atars

Amanda cabot lone star 🌟 trail 2 stars

___ and Blessings_ Book Review_ _On Lone Star Trail_ by Amanda Cabot

“Breathe in , breathe out..focus on the progress your making, not what you can’t do. The scars will fade and  so will the memories.”

deep dark laura griffin 4 stars

“she held her breath her heart ❤ hammered . Everything was black , but gradually true was a hle in the blackness-a tall ,man 👨. Shaped hole and she stood paralyzed with disbelief as the shape eased into her bedroom and crept toward her bed. She watches it,rooted in place,waiting…waiting….waiting..

sewn with joy tricia goyer and sherry gore 4 stars

Tricia Goyer _ MomLife Today

” when you reveal your pain,you’ll also be able to offer the same to others, give to joy gave to you- completely, selflessly,give as I have given to you”

“when your heart ❤. Is healed , then you will 😊 speak out of humity , out of thankfulness. Not today ,not even tommorow . Don’t worry about telling. Only put yourself in to my arms and deliver my love.the rest will come in time ,your try story will come in time, your true syoy will firm a healed and tender heart.”

” waiting on Jesus, was the message god had foe her. And deep down 👇. The she had a feeling it was a message from god had foe joy too . Their lord gave with everlasting love, yet he didn’t rush his gifts.”

” we make a living by what we get ,a life by what we give”

“I told them I loved her and we were getting married 💑. I pais get her story.she loves his with her while heart . She was very generous.”

bea of my love ❤ susan mallery 4 stars

“well hell,” Aidan muttered . He stroked the side of charlies face . The dog 🐶 licked his hand ✋, then put his head on his paws and closed his eyes.”

“I suppose a trail run 🏃 wouldn’t hurt” Shelby smiled.

I love the fools gold series.

meternity by meghann foyer

“haha” giggles Chloe.”Good luck 🍀 with that. I should go check in with Pam about the ‘get your pre-baby 👶 face back story. Talk to you guys later”

“oh ,jeez says Jules.” Just block him” ” but he’s wearing a suit , that means he has a job at least

very cute quick read

outrider by lindsay mckenna

Review_ Out Rider by Lindsay McKenna + Giveaway – Escape Reality ___



“your like water to me. Healing, wonderful.soothing to my soul.”

“I don’t know which of you” griff said,pointing in their direction” is redder at the moment” val raised her brows “I’d say Dev is.” Cat 🐱 turned and twisted a playful look at her.”Dev, you really blush well.”

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