Ink and bone by Rachel Caine 3 stars

You shove your money,nobility and privilege down our throats, and expect us to smile and thank you. We’be had enough of you. Take the next train home, and we’plan still return your codez, stay and you’ll never see it again.


His first real job on behalf the brightwells.Jess had expected feel exhilarated exhilarated in that moment useful at last,but instead I feel… used.nothing is forever about that that he told himself.he’d been used by his family since the day he’d been old enough to don’t have to do it, the little part of him whispered he can’t punish you now. He’s got too much invested. What if he was caught? Not only would it be discussed but told he wasn’the just an anonymous cutter in the streets of London . He’d be known.

you’re an irreligious bastard. I knew you would be.. I’m as good as catholic as you jess said. I Just don’the hold with making the world copies of what I like.

Good quick read

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