Defender by Diana palmer 2 stars

Isabel “sari” and Meredith merreally are sistera and live on a huge ranch owned by their   father darwin.  Their father darwin has a temper and may have been the cause of his wife’s accidental death by concussion. Sari and merri come into contact lot of high profile people from former da’s , Fbi agents and Texas rangers. It was a lot going on and a lot of characters coming and going . I read this really quickly but didn’t get into  it.

” he’did laugh at something you   said one   day, and rip his belt off and hit you the next mum tried to protect us while she was alive . After she died, I protected  merrily as much as I could and tried to stay out of his way. He traveled a lot, so that helped ,  he was very careful not to let his temper show around people  who worked for him she added. He wore a mask in public.”


“I spent the last three years trying not to regret walking out  of  you. It was a good thing in one way”


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