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secretly hers by jamie beck

Secretly Hers_ Sterling Canyon, Book 2 (Audio Download)_ Amazon_co_uk ___Secretly Hers_ Sterling Canyon, Book 2 (Audio Download)_ Amazon_co_uk ___<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1161"

"if anyone deserves to be loved. Its you. I know you'll finally meet that prince charming you e been dreaming of your whole life. I'm just sorry both you and trip have had to suffer all this lost"

this adventure ends by emma mills 3 stars


I loved the cover for this book. Sloane has a big change in her move to Florida.I loved her new friendship with Vera and the love ❤ life she developed

“maybe there are people who love someone so much that when they lose them,they never want to be with anyone else again but maybe there are people who love ❤. Someone so much it makes them want to find that kind of love in their life
and maybe … Its kind of a love where you don’t have to say it. Where they’re such a part of you and you’re such a part of them that it doesn’t need to be said . Because you already know”

Summer lypse cover reveal

thinkfree-729576817.Summerlypse cover reveal media kitthinkfree-451382447.Summerlypse cover reveal media kit

one night charmer maisey yattes 3 stars

Books Lists Life_ One Night Charmer by Maisey YatesBooks Lists Life_ One Night Charmer by Maisey Yates

“for the first time in years ace Thompson felt like he was coming home. It wasn’t the town that mattered, it wasn’t the house that mattered”

“And I love you” he said. “More than I want to be protected”

“because I looked at you, at the fierce protectiveness in your eyes, and I thought … That man 👨. Is the father of my baby. Could see that you would die 💀. For you child , thatyiubwould move heaven and earth for him or her. That you love hard, even when it hurts. That you are faithful as they come . Ace Thompson , y ou bthink your unworthy for hte very reason. I think your the only man on earth I could ever have children with.

sawbones by melissalenhardt

Book Review_ Sawbones by Melissa Lenhardt _ Jessica Jewett“Maureen would know . She had taken it upon herself to check every wanted poster In Austin and did not find mine.she suggested more than once that the discovery of the dead woman has killed the scandals before it the the chance to spread too far west. She may have been right, but like today with Sherman , I still saw suspicion in everyone’s eyes. Not foe the first time , I wondered if this fear would lurk in the back of my mind for the rest of my life.”

“After supper ,everyone graviated together to talk,listen 👂. To the fiddler play 🎭. His two songs, and if we were lucky 🍀. Eat 🍴 a bit of desert”




lovBook Review_ Sawbones by Melissa Lenhardt _ Jessica Jewett

summer of good intentions wendy francis 3 stars

“look into their eyes” he once said ” have you ever seen a more mournful face than that?”