Rushing in the Blackhawk boys 2 stars

Grace  nicknamed easy gee gee has a bad past. Her parents   are divorced and her dad remarried the mom of her crush.they are falling for each other despite their

New roles.


Kisses on a paper airplane ✈. 3 stars

Hannah is the member of a London acting school through scholarship .  She ha never been kissed and is waiting for right guy  she meets Theo a pop star and is hoping he will be down to earth and kiss her. I was rooting for Hannah and Theo to kiss and stay in touch.Kisses on a Paper Airplane #coverreveal _ bridie hall

This love Lea Darragh 3 stars

Emmy sort for Emerson Taylor (I love the name) has a 27 year old fiance that dies in a car accident . Then we are fast forwarded 18 months in future. “The sounds of deep sorrow ricochet ed off the walls of the cottage. It was almost distant the howl of wind through a dark wood. It can’t be seen but it’s ferocity moves you. I’d have to fight harder than I ever had.” Quote may have been changed. I thought Emmy moved on quick and shouldn’t have got with jack.

Christmas under a cranberry sky 3 stars

Christmas books are all that will catch my interest right now. I’m sure I will find some more to read by christmas. Piper grew up with an alcoholic father or fill in father who had an accident with her in car crashing into icy lake.piper turns to traveling and writing hotel reviews for living. She gets reunited with her friend Gabe from childhood and trying to reunite their love. Written by holly martin

Christmas at lilac cottage holly Martin 3 stars

Penny’s friends all have kids or married.shes still lives alone at lilac cottage and loves to bake and work as a new ice carver.she has given up on having kids and has a dog named bernard. She’s renting out part of her property to Henry and daisy who she thinks is a married couple but turns out to be father and daughter. I liked penny and how she interacted with people.

Edens escape by M Tara Crowl 2stars

I didn’t read the first book but there wasn’t really any Confusing . I liked eden and her genie friend pepper . They went from Paris to New York and try to avoid paparazzi and perform on broadway

Elite by Mercedes Lackey 3 stars

Hunter joy is part of a group of hunters called elite . In beginning joy is being chased by a creature with one mouth named Drakken. Hunter joy has a group of hounds that help protect and shield her . A but confusing at times since I didn’t read first book but I fell head first into joys world and was caught up by the action and suspense.

Dead girls society Michelle Krystal 4 stars

Hope is really sick with cystic fibrosis. She has a younger sister , a very protective mom and a dad that ran away. They live in new Orleans which they moved to to flip houses in an apartment. She gets caught up in a dangerous gameoof dares. I was hooked of what was going to happen with dares.

Wish by Barbara of Connor 2 stars

Charlies has a older sister named Jackie who’s no angel like people believe.. a dad named scrappy who likes to fight which he is in jail for . A mom who can’t get her feet on ground . So she moves to live with her aunt and uncle and go to a hillbilly school. A bit slow paced but I liked charlie.

Wickeds way Anna fienberg 3 stars

Will grows up learning the art of the tightrope from his mother who use to be in the circus. He was told to learn a skill to keep the pirates away.until one day his mother disappears and he is left to wander until he’s lost to try to find her when he finds treasure a girl his age. Will is take by pirates when he wanders off from his new friend and is left to wonder where his mother is.

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