The Amish Christmas kitchen various writers 3 stars

Baking love on ice mountain 4 stars

Daniel and Seth are best friends that have an accident   one day while cutting  wood that leaves Seth trapped beneath a log and dead. Seth dieing wish is for Daniel to take care of Clara his wife which is a promise unspoken that everyone from the angels to Daniels family knows about.Daniel is the only man Seth can trust with his wife. I loved all the main characters and wondering whether Clara would court and marry Daniel.


I didn’t like the second story


The special Christmas cookie


The book starts off with Emma and Amos sitting by fire.Amos has a  heart defect and has been to the mayo clinic. Emma is praying for a miracle that the surgery will go okay and that donations for the auction to collect money for the surgery will go of a moss family members feels too humble to accept all the money from the auction .


I loved the characters and wondering whether the family member would accept the money and even if he did would it be enough money?



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