Threats of sea and sky by Jennifer Ellison 3 stars❇

Bree stumbles upon a group of elementals and they later track her to her da’s bar looking for a runaway elemental. It turns out that bree’s da is a former duke and an wind elemental. Bree is left with trying to get her da out of royal prison, controlling her water throwing element and making an alliance with adept treble and prince caden.i’m hoping romance will bloom for bree and caden further in series.


And I darken kiersten white 4 stars✨

I actually adore both covers. Vlad from wallachia has two children lada the oldest and fiercest far from a lady like girl and radu who adores lada and wants to be the apple 🍎 of her eye not bogdan. Radu gets his wish although lada protected him she always ignored him. Everything changes one night when the janisarries come and they are to stay in neighboring village and be educated in Islam. Radu and l both quickly become friends with mehmed the sultans son and will go to great lengths to protect him and themselves. I was rooting for mehmed and lada to get together. A very heart tugging read .

kiss 💋 cam by kiara London 3 stars🌠

We’re vlogging here! Jas,Lenny and June are best friends along with Allison and blog together. Allison only discusses vlog ideas but doesn’t go on camera. They start a new segment called kisscam where jasper and June kiss.Also a Christmas 🎄 based version kissmass. They struggle with vlogging kisscam and determining whether to be friends or more. I loved the idea of jasper and June as a couple . My favorite v logs are roman atwoods and shaytards.

The secret horses of briar hill 3 stars✴

Emmaline   is sick with the still waters or tuberculosis . She is staying at the hospital   with all the other sick children. Her family was killed during one of the war bombings .  Emmaline sees winged horses in the mirrors and even has one come into the world and stay in the garden. Emmaline makes a friend in the horse lord and is trying to protect her new friend Firefox from the evil black horse . It’s undetermined whether the horses are really there, due to still water fevers or angels in form  of horses. I really like the name emmaline.

Vault of dreamers by caragh m O’Brien 3 stars✴

Rosie is part of a popular TV show the forge. The forge show is also an art school where the contestants fight for blip ratings and receive a  portion of their banner ad sales. Rosie needs this school because back home she got into a fight and is on the prison track requiring an ankle bracelet. The contestants are required to sleep every night for 12 hours.  Which rosie does not do and explores why that is requirement I liked Rosie and was rooting for her to figure out what was going but be safe and for Burnham to be okay.

Baby doll by Hollie Overton 3 stars✴

Lily has a twin sister named Abby and is a typical teenager with a boyfriend name Wes. After a fight about a sweater Abby leaves lily alone in the high school parking lot. Lily is kidnapped and held captive for 8 years having a daughter named sky while in captivity. Baby doll tells  lily’s journey to escape and how far she has to come after returning home trying to have a normal life. When lily named the man who kidnapped her I felt something wasn’t right with the situation  even after he confessed. Very interesting suspense book. I didn’t like this on  my first try reading but was hooked the second time.

Re-read Recipe for kisses Michelle major 3stars✴

Chloe has a bad romantic  past with a ex husband she has a restraining order on. Chloe left being a social worker to own a toy store , the toy chest. Chloe has competition  in Ben the beast,nicknamed for his temper who’s the new owner of the toy store. They both explore falling in love and options for the store and his new restaurant .

Her maverick m.d. Teresa Southwick 3 stars✴

Dawn moves from a large hospital   to a small close knit community clinic after a failed relationship  with a doctor.Dawn despite her reservations  has feelings for the new doctor Jon, a pediatrician.  Dawn slowly starts to  fall for Jon and get  in groove of the new clinic. I loved the  suspense of seeing how Jon and dawn would work out and how things were going at the clinic.

Re-read Summer of Sloane Erin Schneider 4 stars✴

Sloane has been dating Tyler for a year when she  finds out he cheated on her  with her best friend Mckinley. Sloane punches Tyler in the nose when she finds out Mckinley is pregnant with his baby. To get away from the drama Sloane goes to Hawaii for summer where her mom lives. She hangs out with her friends Mia and Shep  over the summer and new friend Finn , who is helping her get over the Tyler drama. I loved seeing what would happen to Sloane and if she would get with Finn

Nothing to lose Darlene Fredette 3 stars✴

Jessie doesn’t speak to her parents after they got mad at her major of choice fine    arts. Jessie has been everything from a receptionist to grocery clerk and now she is trying her hands at being a baker. Jessie and Travis the bakery owners son slowly fall for each other. Travis is a fight fighter and baker.  I liked the romance and seeing how Jessie was doing at her new bakery job.

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