Three Christmas 🎄 wishes by Sheila Roberts 4 stars🌟

this book made me feel old in parts. Jo,riley and noel are in different parts of their lives but all in need of romantic help for Christmas. Jo is married to a navy man who is at sea for three months at time and jo is having her first child Mikey. She is frustrated at not having mike there for birth. Riley is engaged and soon to be married but her fiance 💍 cheats on her with a close friend from work Emily. Noel who I could relate to the most is a struggling writer 31 and still looking for the right man. I’m almost 31 and finding solitude in my singleness but also looking for right man.


Snowbound with mr wrong Barbara white daille 3 stars🌉

The book starts with L yssa trying to fit into an elf costume for her  sisters Christmas  🎄 party. Lyssa’s sister works at a lodge and is having the party there. Last year’s party was a disaster after  Lyssa has her heart broke by the Santa nick. This year’s party proves to be the same when the replacement  Santa quits and Lyssa and  nick are snowed in together .

44 cranberry point Debbie macomber 2 stars✨

A bit boring but  better then some of the other cedar cove books. A bit of gossip with Mary Ellen and Jon getting married and grace having a whirl wind online relationship

204 rosewood lane Debbie maccomber 1 star 🌟

I love Debbie maccomber books but i couldn’t catch an interest in any of the characters.

Something more than this Barbie bohrman 3 stars✴

Read January 2016

Katy has a crush on her boss but has a dilemma when her childhood crush comes back into her life . She has to struggle with whether her dating her boss will effect her job of being a sports writer.