2016 was a long year … I quit my job of many years as cashier at shell. I got into a bad relationship from start where got left for another woman. I embarrassed myself several times without meaning to and stood up for myself almost too much. I’ve worked a lot of jobs  longest being Lowe’s 5 years and she’ll 4 years. I went to college for medical assisting aND ended up not liking the giving the injection part and taking blood. I loved the administrative part. I became a pharmacy technician a few years ago and need to get recertifited.I’ve try ed everything from army boot camp to college with no end in sight of knowing what I want in my life. Right now I’m not working due to paranoia driving and stress. I get tired of being single sometimes but there’s so much drama when get into relationship. I had to take path of finding out whether I should work or not and what type of job I should have.  I feel like maybe need to get out house at times but i need a break to de stress.I Tried working at food lion after working at she’ll and it was diaster. I would like to be married one day never been married and no kids but at time at almost 31 I’m still not ready for kids. Blogging wise I want to read 250 books and blog more often.I’m hoping to get my life figured out in 2017.


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