Somebody like you Donna alward 3 stars✴



Laurel owns a garden center called ladybug garden  center. Laurel went to college  and worked at an accounting office until her ex husband announced  he was gay. Laurel has some minor theft and burnouts at garden center but calls the police  when gate is busted open and all plants broken apart. She has history with the cop that shows up Aiden … he likes to walk around with anot her woman on his arm and act like he’s better than her. Aiden also asked her out once and almost lost his virginity to her on a bet.  They agree to be friends while Aiden also works to figure out who is causing trouble at garden center. They try to avoid coming together to recreate a famous kissing picture of the two of them. I liked the tension between Aiden and laurel and see the connection get stronger.


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