A crown of wishes 4 stars


Vikram the heir of Ujjain is at ashram when invited to the tournament  of wishes where winner gets hearts desires.”if you want a throne,you’ll have to play  the lorder of treasures loves his games and tales a wanting heart  will make his day or you can waste your life recounting faults. But say it little prince say you’ll play this game if you and a partner play never will you be the same again.” Vikram has always believed in magic and was glad to find it . He’s told to “find the one who glows with blood on lips and fangs in heart” for partner .  Gauri a prisioner after trying to take over the throne from her brother. They have a lot of trails and interesting creatures to pass in order to win


Beauty and the weiner 2 stars



Adid son owns a dog spa that caters to dog show dogs . When she  dances with the man of her dreams at a event she loses the dogs that she had been taking care of.when even more dogs are lost at an event Addison is determined to find them and culprit save her business

Starting over on blackberry lane Sheila Roberts 3 stars



Stephanie has a young son aND a husband tearing the house apart with renovations although well meaning.Cass is divorced with grown children and a falling apart roof.griffin is a food photographer and leaving her finance. The women teamy  up hire grant masters as theither handyman and get their love lives straightened out.