One perfect lie by Lisa scottoline 4 stars🌟

One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline.jpg

Curt is undercover as Chris , a government teacher and baseball coach. His goal is to prevent bomb plot and save thousands of lives. He knows a young male might be suspected of stealing fertilizer for the bomb πŸ’£ so that’s why he gets close to the base a team with suspects there. Or is it realm an unwilling victim? With everything from a suspicious death to affair’s there was lots of action. I liked reading more about the moms and how everything was from there point of view.


Big sky showdown by sharon Dunn 3 stars πŸŒŸ

Big Sky Showdown by Sharon Dunn β€” Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs ___

Heather is never close to her father while alive by when he dies she is chosen to help toss his ashes in mountains along with tour guide and friend of her fathers Zane. They run πŸƒ into a group of bandits set to hurt them in order to coerce zane into commuting a crime.