Starting over on blackberry lane Sheila Roberts 3 stars



Stephanie has a young son aND a husband tearing the house apart with renovations although well meaning.Cass is divorced with grown children and a falling apart roof.griffin is a food photographer and leaving her finance. The women teamy  up hire grant masters as theither handyman and get their love lives straightened out.


Somebody like you Donna alward 3 stars✴



Laurel owns a garden center called ladybug garden  center. Laurel went to college  and worked at an accounting office until her ex husband announced  he was gay. Laurel has some minor theft and burnouts at garden center but calls the police  when gate is busted open and all plants broken apart. She has history with the cop that shows up Aiden … he likes to walk around with anot her woman on his arm and act like he’s better than her. Aiden also asked her out once and almost lost his virginity to her on a bet.  They agree to be friends while Aiden also works to figure out who is causing trouble at garden center. They try to avoid coming together to recreate a famous kissing picture of the two of them. I liked the tension between Aiden and laurel and see the connection get stronger.

10 things I can see from here by Carrie mac 3 stars✴


Maeve lives with her mom. Her parents are divorced after her dad’s problems with drugs, alcohol  and a affair. Her mom is her main alley in helping with her constant anxiety. Her dad remarried and has 6 year old twin boys with a new baby on the way.. When her mom goes on a trip to Haiti she is left to live with her dad 6 months. She trys to rekindle a friendship with Ruthie ,  who is also gay, after a one way crush and starts a fling with a new girl.

The nearness of you by Amanda eyre ward 2 stars


Suze the and Hyland are 39 and have been married 15 years. They have successful careers him as a architect and her as  a heart surgeon. Hyland dreams of having a baby and comes up with the idea of a surrogacy. The first couple they talk to changes their mind and they decide on 21 year old dorie. Dorie falls in love with being a mother and runs away to louisiana after being impregnanted. An interesting book trying to see if Doris would come back and if the couple would get their baby. An interesting twist at the end.



Love and gravity by Samantha sotto 2 stars



Andrea has same name as a woman in early 15-16  hundreds that Issac newton was in love with. It shows Issac writing her letter after letter and flipping to modern day where he lives in Andrea’so wall and they slowly form a bond. Very interesting take on historical fiction.

On second thought by Krista Higgins 4 stars✴




Kate is 39 and has struggled for years with finding the right man.. she marries an architect  nathan. The marriage is short when nathan hits his head and dies. Eric the long term boyfriend   of her sister Ainsley  had a ring intending to ask Ainsley to marry him that night. With the death the proposal  is pushed off and Ainsley is shocked when she’s broken up with. Ainsley and her sister team up to get over losing what they thought was the one.I loved Kate and Ainsley and seeing how they would cope.

The road to enchantment by Kaya McLaren 4 stars

Willow’s mom dies in a horse back riding accident. The story goes back and forth from selling the wine and live stock topay debts to the past Willows mom moved to new Mexico after her husband left her for another woman. She burns the mattress  and buys a house in new Mexico for a song  and a little money along way. Willows new house is among a Indian reservation .  They buy goats , horses and start wine making. A great heart felt book and made me reflect on my own mothers death when I was 14.


2016 was a long year … I quit my job of many years as cashier at shell. I got into a bad relationship from start where got left for another woman. I embarrassed myself several times without meaning to and stood up for myself almost too much. I’ve worked a lot of jobs  longest being Lowe’s 5 years and she’ll 4 years. I went to college for medical assisting aND ended up not liking the giving the injection part and taking blood. I loved the administrative part. I became a pharmacy technician a few years ago and need to get recertifited.I’ve try ed everything from army boot camp to college with no end in sight of knowing what I want in my life. Right now I’m not working due to paranoia driving and stress. I get tired of being single sometimes but there’s so much drama when get into relationship. I had to take path of finding out whether I should work or not and what type of job I should have.  I feel like maybe need to get out house at times but i need a break to de stress.I Tried working at food lion after working at she’ll and it was diaster. I would like to be married one day never been married and no kids but at time at almost 31 I’m still not ready for kids. Blogging wise I want to read 250 books and blog more often.I’m hoping to get my life figured out in 2017.


Hope chest by viola shipman 2 stars✴

It’s snowing here!


Mattie is dying of als after 50 plus years of being married to her husband don. They’ve lived in a lakeside cottage for years but give it up when Mattie starts to get worse. Rose is hired as mattes caretaker and Mattie adores her Lil girl jeri. Her and Don were never able to have children and we’re pregnant once but lost the child. You see flashbacks of the couple when   younger. Mattie use to be landscape architect and had watercolors of  every plant she grew.

The Pony express Christmas bride Ronda Gibson 4 stars✴

Josephine joins the pony express disguised as a man after she cuts her hair short and goes by jo  for short. Her mother is dead and her father left after her mother died. Her uncle wants  to marry her to Mr Goss man who has had several young wives mysteriously die. Josephine answers a mail order bride ad in order to assure her safety and we experience the trails of the beginning of their marriage.

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