Princess 👸 in black takes a vacation 🚢 3 stars ✨ Shannon and dean hale

I liked the color pictures. Cute quick read

. Princess magnolia turns into princess black and fights monsters along with the goat avenger.


Snowflake ❄ bay donna Kauffman 2 stars⭐

Fiona leaves behind her big city design company to move back to her small town  blueberry cove. Her childhood crush Ben also moves back trying to manage both his landscaping company and family’s christmas tree farm. There was a slow build up of romance between Fiona and Ben. I liked the characters and dialogue but got a little bored with this

Stolen away Jennie marts 3 stars🌟

Emma is coming out of a 10 year abusive marriage to Leroy.she moves to live on her father’s farm when she lives him. She meets Charlie who is the woman that owns the farm next door and her farmhand cash.emma begins a slow whirlwind romance with cash as he protect her from Leroy and his brothers. I loved the character cash.

Christmas with the sheriff Victoria James 3stars🌟

The story begins with Julia at the funerals of her husband and son due to a car accident.when Julia comes back to town 5 years later to visit her in laws she begins the journey of helping her late husband’s best friend named chase the   sheriff find a log cabin and slowly fall for him and his daughter.very cozy Christmas book.

Small great things Jodi picoult 3 stars✴

a racially charged book based on a labor and delivery nurse named Ruth. Ruth is a black nurse asked to not take care of a newborn by white supremacist parents. When the baby stops breathing Ruth has to decide whether step in or step by as told. When Ruth is arrested of murder she is given a white public defender and given the job of trying to make the jury relate to how Ruth felt and whether its relevant. Very susepeful book.

Fall of thrones and thorns 3 stars Jennifer Ellison

Very action packed with the travel back and forth to aletas land, the mystery of who aleta really is and battle for power and throne in both lands. I hope there’s another book I think there’s more that could be detailed of characters futures.

Riot of storm and smoke Jennifer ellision 3 stars 🌟

describes the journey away from kingdom and to princess aletas land. Prince caden is trying rally people to help fight against his father. I’m hoping for more romance in next book.