How God grows a girl of grace 5 stars Joanne simmons

A wonderful reminder to carry yourself with grace and show grace and forgiveness to others no matter the situation. Never carry a cold heart towards others and always show integrity and character


Choose grace Three minute devotionals for women

I received a free copy from net galley for review.I loved all the scripturesame and prayers . A reminder that we grow strong in the arms of the Lord and grow roots of strength.

Favorite names just for fun

Dakota Copeland Hunter
Gage Samuel Thomas
Maylee Skylar Vickie
Katie Lorene Grace

One perfect lie by Lisa scottoline 4 stars🌟

One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline.jpg

Curt is undercover as Chris , a government teacher and baseball coach. His goal is to prevent bomb plot and save thousands of lives. He knows a young male might be suspected of stealing fertilizer for the bomb 💣 so that’s why he gets close to the base a team with suspects there. Or is it realm an unwilling victim? With everything from a suspicious death to affair’s there was lots of action. I liked reading more about the moms and how everything was from there point of view.

Big sky showdown by sharon Dunn 3 stars 🌟

Big Sky Showdown by Sharon Dunn — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs ___

Heather is never close to her father while alive by when he dies she is chosen to help toss his ashes in mountains along with tour guide and friend of her fathers Zane. They run 🏃 into a group of bandits set to hurt them in order to coerce zane into commuting a crime.


Any day now by Robyn carr 3 stars

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Sierra moves to Colorado to live with her brother cal and his newelywed pregnant wife. Instead of bothering them and staying in the barn they are fixing up sierra stays in cabins owned by her sister in laws father. She meets Connie a firefighter determined for no romance after being cheated on and acquires a new dog.

A crown of wishes 4 stars


Vikram the heir of Ujjain is at ashram when invited to the tournament  of wishes where winner gets hearts desires.”if you want a throne,you’ll have to play  the lorder of treasures loves his games and tales a wanting heart  will make his day or you can waste your life recounting faults. But say it little prince say you’ll play this game if you and a partner play never will you be the same again.” Vikram has always believed in magic and was glad to find it . He’s told to “find the one who glows with blood on lips and fangs in heart” for partner .  Gauri a prisioner after trying to take over the throne from her brother. They have a lot of trails and interesting creatures to pass in order to win

Beauty and the weiner 2 stars



Adid son owns a dog spa that caters to dog show dogs . When she  dances with the man of her dreams at a event she loses the dogs that she had been taking care of.when even more dogs are lost at an event Addison is determined to find them and culprit save her business

Starting over on blackberry lane Sheila Roberts 3 stars



Stephanie has a young son aND a husband tearing the house apart with renovations although well meaning.Cass is divorced with grown children and a falling apart roof.griffin is a food photographer and leaving her finance. The women teamy  up hire grant masters as theither handyman and get their love lives straightened out.

Somebody like you Donna alward 3 stars✴



Laurel owns a garden center called ladybug garden  center. Laurel went to college  and worked at an accounting office until her ex husband announced  he was gay. Laurel has some minor theft and burnouts at garden center but calls the police  when gate is busted open and all plants broken apart. She has history with the cop that shows up Aiden … he likes to walk around with anot her woman on his arm and act like he’s better than her. Aiden also asked her out once and almost lost his virginity to her on a bet.  They agree to be friends while Aiden also works to figure out who is causing trouble at garden center. They try to avoid coming together to recreate a famous kissing picture of the two of them. I liked the tension between Aiden and laurel and see the connection get stronger.

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